Sustainable Slurry and Backfill Solutions

Sustainable Slurry and Backfill Solutions (Pty) Ltd (SSBS) was formed in 2016 and provide specialist consulting engineering services to the international mining industry. The focus of the company includes testing, equipment development and engineering services for the mine backfill and slurry related applications.

We provide the following engineering services:

  • Pre-feasibility studies to detailed designs
  • Field testing
  • Design reviews
  • Cost estimates
  • Commissioning
  • Brown fields optimisation studies
  • Material Property Test Work (including PSD, solids density, permeability)
  • Unconfined compressive strength (UCS) test work
  • Rheology measurements to determine flow behaviour properties
  • Pipe loop testing to measure rheology and slurry settling properties
  • Training courses
Specialist Engineering Consultants for Mines

Through our extensive experience and continuous professional development, we are committed to provide sustainable long-term solutions which identifies and addresses clients’ needs.

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