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About Sustainable Slurry and Backfill Solutions

Sustainable Slurry and Backfill Solutions (Pty) Ltd (SSBS) was formed in 2016 and provide specialist consulting engineering services to the mining industry. The focus of the company includes testing, equipment development and engineering services for the mine backfill and slurry related applications. We are committed to provide sustainable long-term solutions which identifies and addresses clients’ needs.

We provide engineering services which range from pre-feasibility studies to detailed designs, field testing, design reviews, cost estimates, material property test work, rheology test work, small-scale pipe loop tests, commissioning and brown fields optimisation studies.

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Our Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION is to provide:

  • Sustainable
  • Cost effective and
  • Practical long-term solutions

for challenges experienced in the mining industry. We are committed to always act in our clients’ best interest and provide a working environment where employees can excel in their careers.

OUR VISION is to become the preferred engineering consultancy in our field of experience by providing our clients with the best technical advice and innovative solutions on a global scale.

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Specialist Engineering Consultants for Mines

Jaco is a director of Sustainable Slurry and Backfill Solutions, having founded the company at the end of 2016. He has a key interest in backfill and has worked on various backfill plants around the world which include hydraulic fill, paste fill as well as cemented aggregate and rock fill.

His design experience in backfill plants, backfill reticulation and underground distribution systems, choke stations as well as barricades and fill fences gives him the added advantage in consulting with mines and related industries. He has worked on different types of mines (gold, platinum, copper, base metals and coal) and understand the different mining methods associated with each of these mines.

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